Organic Sonoma Veggie Burger / Végéburger Sonoma Biologique

Organic Sonoma Veggie Burger/Végéburger Sonoma Biologique

Made with organic vegetables, mushrooms and quinoa – this veggie burger has the straight-from-the-garden flavour you’ll love. Gluten free/dairy free/soy free/lactose free/vegan/kosher/plant based

Fait de légumes biologiques, de champignons et de quinoa, ce hamburger végétarien a le goût de légumes fraîchement cueillis que vous adorerez. Sans gluten/sans produits laitiers/sans soja/sans lactose/végétalien/casher/à base de plantes

UPC Code - 042272-903733

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Great flavour is the goal, and it all starts with a tiny, little seed. Before we even begin planting, we taste hundreds of different bell peppers in order to find the seed that produces the most flavourful one. Then we work closely with our farmers every step of the way, making sure we grow and harvest at the right time of year, in the right conditions for every ingredient we grow.